The Barn Swallow Artisan Gallery

It's not just a shop. It's not just a stop to pick out a gift...
The Barn Swallow unfolds into a stroll through flower-strewn paths that open up into an early 1800's barn… filled with artisan craft that owners Janice Arone and Mary Ann Burk have chosen with utmost care. Our look stays true to our mission. We bring to the Barn Swallow not only our own handmade pots, but also over eighty artist's works. 

The gardens surrounding the gallery bring those "who live for gardens " repeatedly back to our door! You truly will wade through ox eye daisies come May, as well as the heady scent of akebia vine and lotus blooming in the summertime. 

We are always discovering new artists to add to our growing repertoire, and we hope you will add the Barn Swallow to your list of destinations. We will be happy to greet you when you arrive!